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Parker is an old buddy of mine.  We went to grade school and high school together.  I can always remember coming to high school on a Monday, finding Parker,  and reenacting the SNL skits we had just watched over the weekend.  I know, we were such dorks, but nothing beat pretending we were Sean Connery and insulting Alex Trebek on a Monday morning!  Parker and Theresa have been married for 2 1/2 years now and I was lucky enough to help shoot their wedding along the side of the amazing Tracy Moore and her husband Matt.  I was just getting into weddings at that time and Tracy and Matt were gracious enough to allow me to follow them around and snap a few pics of my own.  Theresa and Parker were also very gracious to give me permission to be there and help out as well.  It has been great getting to know Theresa here and there and I must say that Parker is one lucky man!


Sara & Cody have been married for just a year and they have two cute doggies that we tried to take some pictures with.  They did just fine until they saw some deer and then they got a little crazy.  Sara and Cody, however remained pretty calm during their session :).  They are a cute couple and super nice.



I met Bernie and Roy about 4 years ago when I was their personal trainer.  They are wonderful people with amazing personalities!  Roy is best described as the equivalent to a male “Chatty Kathy”, the guy loves to strike up a good conversation.  He is funny and so very nice.  I can see why Bernie agreed to marry him just a little over a year ago, Halloween of 2010 (they had a fun Halloween themed wedding where everyone wore costumes).  Bernadette….. how do you even describe this woman?!  She is first off soooo lovely and incredibly nice.  She would do anything for you.  She is quirky, fun, witty and so very hilarious.  She is just Bernie… and I love her as I know so many others do.  We have kept in touch here and there over the years.  After not talking to them in awhile, it is just like picking up right where we left off.  Bernie got a hold of me to do head shots for her.  She has a blog (, and she is going to be featured on SITS ( in early February (if you want a good laugh, check out her blog).  Bernie’s started her blog a little over a year ago.  She describes it as “A little of this and a little of that.  Just a place that I can ramble about whatever floats my boat. Mr. Bernie is quite a helper bee in keeping me supplied in blog posts”.  And she states that her mission for blogging is “To make people laugh and keep them entertained. Perhaps even spit something out their nose”.  See what I am talking about, that is Bernie in a nut shell!  She is a woman of many talents, she also makes these fun, witty cards.  Check out her etsy store : Budugalee Cards (  Oh and lastly, you might wonder why Bernie is holding a chicken purse in some of these pictures.  Well, Bernadette collects purses, not just any purses, but fabulous, creative, over the top (way over!) purses.  I have seen her collection and it is quite impressive.  This is what she has to say about them, “I collect and display purses. Not just any purses. They have to be weird or strange.  I’m always looking to give an ugly purse a home. When people buy a purse for me they base it on if they would carry it.  If they wouldn’t then they know I will love it”.  And it just happens to be her birthday today, Happy Birthday Bernie!!!!

Ross & Katie are friends of ours and they wanted to get some pictures taken of their 6 year old nephew Ryan for some family gifts.  Ryan showed up with his “Woody from Toy Story” hat and his horse on a stick and he made for one handsome cowboy.  And Ross, a real life cowboy, needed some new photos of him and his wife Katie.  And even though he was acting like a giant goofball, we still managed to get a few great pictures of the two of them :).




Brooks & Gloria are such a sweet couple.  I had a lot of fun photographing them and you gotta check out Gloria’s cute shoes!  She was such a trooper to wear them the whole time we walked through the park and on to the barn.  You gotta love a girl who is willing to rough it in the name of fashion:)