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Anjali + Robert met at church camp and started dating shortly after they met.  When Robert decided to propose he knew he wanted to include their friends.  He even had their close friend Leanna photograph their engagement.  They went up to Red Lodge, went on a hike with their group of friends, he spilled out his heart in a 3 page letter and asked her to read the letter right under the mountains and at the end of the letter he asked her to become his wife.  Of course she said yes!  They are the cutest couple ever and we had the best time during their engagement session.  We started in downtown Billings at the beautiful Rock Creak Coffee Roasters and then made our way to the mountains in Red Lodge.  They are a ridiculously gorgeous looking couple, but their hearts are even prettier!  They are the nicest people and their session was so fun and so natural.  I even teased Robert on the way home that he kind of looked like Channing Tatum, he was all laughs and said he sometimes gets that from other people too.  Now it is our running joke, I don’t think it bothers Anjali at all ;).  Can’t wait for their summer wedding!

Wow, what an amazing story these two have.  I met Kelsey while coaching sports while she was in high school.  I was saddened when to hear that a couple years after graduating Kelsey was in a freak accident when she fell off her horse.  She suffered from a traumatic brain injury and also a ruptured thoracic vertebra disc in her mid-back.  She was out riding with Lance and her grandfather when the saddle’s belly cinch snapped and Kelsey fell from her horse.  Lance ran for help as her grandfather had to perform CPR on Kelsey.  The hospital helicopter flew Kelsey to the emergency room where she was put on a ventilator.  From there Kelsey endured continuous seizures which were believed to have induced a three-day coma.  All her family and Lance could do is wait and pray.  Well, Kelsey is a fighter and for over 3 years she has been undergone rehabilitation and therapy and making remarkable improvements. She has worked with physical therapists to help her gain strength and balance, occupational therapists to help with dexterity and therapists that coached her speech.  And through all of this Lance has stuck by her side.  There were times Kelsey said that she tried to push Lance away because she didn’t want him to be stuck with such a huge “burden”, but Lance refused and he is going anywhere.  He loves that girl!  I contacted Kelsey after her accident and told her that I was shooting her wedding when they had chosen a date, she didn’t have a choice ;).  Well the date is chosen and I got the job:).  I can’t wait to be a part of their special day.

We did engagement pictures at the Pictograph Cave State Park and it was my first time meeting Lance.  Wow, what a guy, Kelsey is truly blessed to have him in her life and Lance to have her.  They are an adorable couple and I so enjoyed getting to know them, their pup, and Kelsey’s parents as they drove us through the snow and to all the good locations.

I have known Kerry for a few years now.  She is also a photographer and that is how I first met her was through photography.  She has turned into a great friend and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  That is why I am so thrilled that she met Hutch.  He is also one of the nicest people, genuine, and funny and makes Kerry so happy.  They will be getting married this summer.  During our engagement session it was just fun to see them just be.  They are so sweet together and so real.  I wish my friend all the happiness in the world!

Crystal + Kori, Kori + Crystal, these two really are two peas in a pod.  While driving up to Red Lodge with them, they could literally finish each other’s sentences and were constantly giggling.  And in front of the camera they were just the same, lots of chemistry and definitely a match made in heaven:).  I loved their laughter and playfulness and the fact that they wanted the mountains as their backdrop.  These two will also be getting married in Red Lodge at Montana Wildflower Weddings later this year and they couldn’t have picked a more beautiful wedding venue.

Amanda and Ryan are getting married this summer and they couldn’t be any cuter or nicer.  Seriously, they are some of the sweetest people I have ever met.  We went out to Amanda’s uncle’s property near Roberts, Montana for their engagement session with their puppy.  It was beautiful, especially with all of the fall foliage.  They were up for anything during our session; swinging, jumping, dancing!  Such good sports :).  The loves of their life include their dog, the outdoors, and running.