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Monthly Archives: October 2013

 Holly is a good friend of mine that lives with her beautiful family in Oklahoma.  She is a very talented photographer and I was so glad when she mentioned that she would be back this summer and would love to swap family shoots.  I think she got the short  end of the stick since I have double the amount of kids she does :).  Her little girls are super cute and I am glad that she got to get out from behind the camera and get some pictures with her kiddos and hubby.  Holly, I feel blessed to have you in my life as I soooo can relate to you and your crazy life :).  It is so great to text you while we are editing into the late hours of the night and talk about life, kids, and business.

The Lennick family all began when Julia and Matt started dating in high school when they were just 15!  How cute is that?!  They now have been married for 8 years and have 2 of the cutest girls I have ever seen!  During our session the girls got along great and they seem like such good buddies.

Oh Bailey, how I love your smile and your laugh!  Bailey wanted to do a nature/park location for her location and soon after we started our session I discovered that Bailey and I have a lot in common :  we are both afraid of snakes, we both love photography, and we wear the same size pants.  How did I find all these fun facts out you may ask?  Well,  I realized our love for snakes when I almost stepped on a snake and she screamed and then I screamed and jumped.  I then found out that we share a passion in photography when she brought along her vintage camera that her Grandfather got for her.  And then when she forgot her jeans for our 2nd session I offered up mine and lo and behold, they fit!  The best part was that all she had to swap with me was her spandex she had under her dress.  Yep, I wore those bad boys for over half of the session :).  I was quite comfy, I must say :).  Bailey, I had sooo much fun with you and the pictures of you laughing are my favorite.  Thanks to Bailey’s sister Shelby for her assistance during our session :).





I have been photographing this sweet family for a few years now and every time I do, I just can’t imagine that they would get any cuter, but they do!  I got to photograph their cousin Brooklynn last year when she was back from Massachusetts visiting the Luebke family and this year she just happened to be back again when we were doing our annual pictures.