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Monthly Archives: March 2013

I just love this little family :).  I met Josh and Andrea last year in February when they were expecting their first child together, Holden.  I was so fortunate to do their maternity as well as Holden’s newborn pictures.  Well, when Holden was just 4 months old Andrea & Josh found out they were pregnant again!!!!  It was a surprise, but was such a good one!  So we did Holden’s 1 year pictures, along with some family photos, and a few maternity.  They are so great and I can’t wait to meet this little girl any day now :).

Where to even begin with this little guy?  Jen, has been my dear friend since grade school.  And her and Jon have been together since high school.  They were kind enough to allow me to take their engagement pictures when I was just starting out back in 2011 and they even let me take pictures at their wedding in the fall of 2011.  I was so excited when Jen called to tell me that they were expecting in October of 2012.  I was so happy for them.

I still remember getting  the call in July that Jen had delivered Brocton at just a day shy of 24 weeks (he was 3 1/2 months early).  It was unimaginable, considering that I was just a few weeks behind her in my pregnancy(Jen was due in October and I in November).  He only weighed 1 lb 15oz!!!!  We all knew that Brocton had a tough road ahead of him and he would have to fight.  Well, after spending about 4 months in the care of an amazing hospital in Utah and countless operations; Brocton, Jen & Jon came home to Billings in Novemeber 2012.  Soooo crazy to think that Jen & Jon spent their one year anniversary in the hospital with Brocton.

His mom & dad, grandpas & grandmas, aunties & uncles, & cousin nicknamed him Tuff, because that is what he had to be to survive.  He truly is a miracle.  And I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed when during our shoot his dad kept calling him “his little miracle boy.” (Ok, maybe I am crying right now writing this :)).  Brocton is now 8 months old and just as happy as can be.  I don’t think I have seen him yet when he isn’t smiling.  I love this little guy and his mommy and daddy!


Here is Brocton at just a couple days old.

Just look at how small those onsies are behind him. Those were the very first outfits he could actually fit into.

And just look at how small his feet were compared to Jon & Jen’s wedding rings.


Seeley, don’t you just love that name!  Sweet little Seeley was just about 7 months when she came in for pictures a few weeks ago and was sitting up so well.  She had lots of little expressions and she was a lot of fun.  My favorite picture has to be of her looking at her daddy.  You can tell they have such a sweet daddy/daughter bond already.   She definitely has her mommy’s gorgeous blue eyes and is such a little cutie.  Her mama did an amazing job dressing her in the cutest outfits and I just loved how she painted up Seeley’s little tootsies.  The last outfit (skirt and headband) was from Laura LeBlanc over at Wildflower Accessories.   She makes beautiful things and you should go check out her facebook page( and like her :).

Olivia and Ben work together.  Olivia noticed that Ben kept walking passed her desk.  She just thought to herself, “What’s his deal?”.  She finally figured out that he liked her and in June they started officially dating.  Now, they will be married in just a couple weeks.  They are just so cute together and we had so much fun during their engagement shoot.  I can’t wait for their wedding!

I just love this little cowboy boot and camo family :).  I met them when Lyndsy called me to do their maternity photos.  Well, then came Tiler (who is the cutest little girl, and just keeps getting cuter and cuter each time I see her),  and now they are engaged and I can hardly wait until I get to do their wedding next year.  I feel so lucky that I met these two and I get to continually photograph the major milestones in their life.  Her is sweet little Tiler at 6 months old.