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Monthly Archives: February 2013

So as I sit staring at my computer trying to edit holding my 3 month old in my arms, I just have to spill my guts… I am tired.  I am tired of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done in life that I think I need to accomplish.  I am tired of choosing work over my kids, and housekeeping over my work, and working out over my housekeeping, and everything over spending time with my husband… and the circle goes round and round!  Oh and I do love sleep too, which is trumped by everything else as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I love my kids, I don’t love housekeeping, but I love having a clean and organized household, I hate working out, but I love losing this baby weight, and I love my hubby, but what I don’t love is constantly choosing one thing over the next.  I want to find balance in my life!  Anybody else feel the same way?!

I have always been a busy bee, putting way too much on my plate and then challenging myself to be good at everything.  In high school I played three sports, in college I couldn’t play just one, I had to do 2, all while juggling home and school.  When I became a mom I decided to stay home with my babies, but I would always do something outside of the home as well.  Whether it be coaching high school sports or teaching fitness classes (my degree is in exercise science).  Heck, I can remember when I coached softball with my good friend Lisa and in-between innings I would have to sit in the dug out and pump (pump what?  you who aren’t mommies may ask. my babies nursed… off of me – google it ;)).  As long as I can remember I have always done two things at once (that’s what she said, SORRY, I couldn’t resist!).

Well, now I have 4 kids, a hubby, and a business and within that business I thought that I could do everything.  Although I enjoy photographing high school seniors, newborns, families, maternity, boudoir & weddings (man, I just get exhausted listing all those categories), there is only one that I can say that I truly love, love, love  and that is weddings.   Trust me, I thank God every day that my business has really taken off and that I have been consistently booked up for the past year.  But in the past year I have moved and had a baby.  I have lived in this house for almost 6 months and I have no pictures or paint on my walls and my so-called maternity leave never happened.  My house is messy, I am tired, and I am fat… plain and simple, I will be burnt out soon if I don’t change.  I love photography and I have decided to focus only on Engagements and Weddings (and a side of boudoir for my brides).   I will have lots of changes taking place in the next few months: rebranding, new blog, new website… OY VEY!  I know it sounds like a lot of work and it will be, but in the long run I will be happier and more importantly I will be able to give my brides & grooms the time they deserve, my family more time and possibly even start hanging out with friends again (I’ll keep holding my breath for that one and so should you).  Oh and maybe even myself some me time.

So I know some of you have gift certificates and some of you are already booked with me and you are freaking out a little, but don’t worry.  To my clients that I am already committed to I’m not going to break up with you ;).  I just won’t be taking on any new clientele that doesn’t fall into my  specialty.  Trust me, this hasn’t been an easy decision, but I am so ready for the change!  And to any new clients that are looking for a photographer, I know a few great ones and I would love to pass on their info.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask.

My friends always ask me how I do it all, well, I don’t and I won’t try any more.  I LOVE weddings and this will be my focus :).  And you will see why in the months to come.  Thanks for listening.  I encourage you to make a change in your life if you are feeling overwhelmed.  I know it is hard, but we can do it together!


Imagine that you are standing outside the bathrooms at McCleary’s Tavern when a cute guy picks you up and spins you around without any warning and then leaves.  Yes, that was the first time Riley met Jeff.  It wasn’t until later that they ran into each other again out on the town.  They hung out that night, danced and started officially dating.  So after 4 years of dating Jeff took Riley up to the rims, had champagne and got down on one knee and purposed with the promise ring he had given her 4 years ago.  She said yes and he then surprised her at her baby shower with her engagement ring in front of her entire family.  And in August they had their son Brody.  He is such a cutie and such a chill baby.  We did pictures with him first and then his Grandma & Grandpa took him and then Riley and Jeff continued with their engagements.   I had a ton of fun with this carefree couple :).  We goofed off in the snow, had some hot coco, and even went sledding (well they did, I just got to hang out with them while they were having fun together :)).  They were such good sports and did whatever I asked of them, including standing on an iced over creek, which gave way and they fell into… good times :).  Thanks for being so awesome you guys!  I can’t wait for your wedding this fall!

This is the shot they fell into the ice for…. so worth it, right?!

And that’s a rap folks:)

I just posted about this family last week and today they want to share with all of you their big news!!!!  I am so honored to be apart of their special announcement :).

Congratulations Jamie, Luke, Addison, & Kenzlee!

Erik & Kerry Lou all began when Erik’s 75 year old friend told Erik that he would be “shopping” for his wife.  Erik’s friend had a checklist that met Erik’s expectations of a more than suitable wife.  Erik didn’t think that she existed and certainly didn’t think he would find her, let alone his friend could find her for him.  Well, low and behold, Kerry Lou attends the same church as Erik’s friend.  They get to talking and his friend is mentally checking off every thing on Erik’s list.   He called Erik and said, “I found her!”.  He then set Erik and Kerry Lou up on a blind date and the rest is history.  Erik purposed to Kerry Lou on Christmas Eve.  He blind folded her and walked her up to this cave near her parent’s home.  He sprinkled rose petals and arranged candles in the shape of a heart inside the cave.  He also had a couple siblings light the candles for him and hide to take pictures for them (he thought of everything, trust me :)).  Of course Kerry said yes and they will be getting married in just a few months.  So for their first shots we went back to the cave where she said yes. As you can tell in our pictures, they were made for each other.  They love to read and to dance together, to laugh and love just being together.  They are such a great couple and I am so excited for their wedding!

Special thanks to Kayla & Melissa for tagging along and helping us out :).

The help making sure Kerry Lou looks fabulous and then themselves:)

Erik reenacting that special moment

Here they are busting into some sweet dance moves

Gettin’ their geek on:)

After session dance party!

And below is an actual picture from the night they got engaged.