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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sabrina is an old friend from high school and college.  I have a ton of great memories with my friend Beaner as we all like to call her :).  Her and her husband Jesse and two cuties, Ava and Landon live in Minnesota.  I love see all of them when they come home for the holidays.  I wish they lived closer, but I love, love catching up with her.

I just returned from Big Sky a couple days ago and it was amazing!  First of all it is one of the prettiest places in the world and it is always so refreshing to spend some time in that kind of peace and beauty.  Second of all I met some wonderful people who just happen to also be  great photographers.  And lastly we had the best of the best there to educate us: Tracy Moore, Mike Colon, & Jeff Jochum.  We did a styled shoot the first day and we were fortunate to have a gorgeous model, Miss Kaylee Bradford.  Here are pictures from that shoot.  I am very excited (and a little stressed ;)) for what is to come for my business just from attending.  Also I am soooooo excited to see where it takes my peers as well and to keep contact with them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Tracy Moore for putting this all together.  Also thank you Tracy, Matt, & Kerry for feeding us and taking care of all of us.  You guys are the best!

Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall Tracy!

I don’t know who wears that feather wrap better, Mike or Kaylee?!

Ashley, my new friend :).

Sarah & Kaleb got engaged over Christmas.  They almost didn’t get engaged because Sarah, wanting to get to their destination, didn’t want to make any stops after Kaleb kept making suggestions.  So, he did what he had to do, he pulled over on the Rims and faked a flat tire!  With a crowbar in one hand and the ring box in the other, he got down on one knee and asked the woman of his dreams to marry him and she said YES!  So at the end of our session we did a little reenactment :).  These two are two of the nicest people ever and you can just tell that they are so happy and so in love.  Congratulations Kaleb & Sarah and I can’t wait for your wedding!

It is hard to believe that I took this photos just days after little Haven was born.  She is now just about 7 weeks old and changing everyday.  Just today she was giving me lots of smiles and melting my heart <3.  She is a very good baby.  She eats good, sleeps good and even puts up with her loud brother and sisters ;).  She has got the most kissable chubby cheeks and tons of hair.  We just love her so much!

Thanks so much to Kassi at Rumour Has It( for the adorable hat and headband and also Laura at Wildflower Accessories( for the cute headband.  Check them out and help support some local talent.  They are both mamas and so talented.

So I finally got my own children’s pictures edited a week or so ago after they sat on my computer for 2 months watching other work being prioritized over them :).  For our session we just headed to the park and they brought some of their favorite toys.  We posed and played and posed and played in the leaves.  Ryder loves football and Kenna loves her dollies and Isley, well Isley just loves to be around her siblings and copy whatever they are doing.  They all have a new baby sister that they like to play with also these days.  Her blog post is coming up next.