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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Lyla was not at all wanting her pictures taken :(.  She was so cute, but just not in the mood.  We snuck in a couple of good pictures even so.  Her big sister Calie was ready and willing though.  Mindy and Ryan have some really cute girls and Dad will be busy fending off the boys later in life for sure! 

Wow, Kayla is just a cute girl with a bubbling personality and she is so fun to be around!  Her mom is the same way and I just feel so blessed to know her and her entire family.  She is so outgoing and fun and it was soooo her idea to take a trip into the river at the end of our session.  She even came out of water with cuts and bruises, but never the less, a smile on her face.  We had so much fun during her session and afterwards her Mom invited me over for dinner.  So this preggo lady had to say yes.  A delicious, free meal with adult conversation…. count me in!  I hope you enjoy the rest of your senior year girly!  And I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in the near future.




So I took pictures of Maren and her family this summer.  She wasn’t even showing then and had mentioned that she was expecting her first baby and had this cool idea of how to announce the sex of the baby when she was half way through her pregnancy.  So I was so excited when her and Dennis came into the studio for our shoot and I was one of the first people to know the sex of the baby.  She had the idea of her and Dennis playing poker.  She would be betting on a girl, wearing pink and playing with pink poker chips and pink cards and Dennis would be betting on a boy, wearing blue and playing with blue cards and poker chips.  Well, as you can see Dennis wins with a full house (another great idea)!  I am so excited for these two and can’t wait to meet their baby boy!


And here is the final product : the cards Dennis and Maren sent out to their family and friends. This is the front.

And this is the back.



Theresa’s a Stealer’s fan and her husband, Roger is a Cowboys fan, but regardless they love each other and are bringing a baby girl into the world any day now :).  They were so cute together and you can just tell that their baby girl is going to be so loved by the both of them.  I can’t wait to meet her!


Sara & Cody have been married for just a year and they have two cute doggies that we tried to take some pictures with.  They did just fine until they saw some deer and then they got a little crazy.  Sara and Cody, however remained pretty calm during their session :).  They are a cute couple and super nice.