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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Oh little Miss Amelia!  Mom prepped you and you got to my house at 10am and by noon you were finally asleep!  It all worked out though and as you can tell she is cute as a button. 

Kassi, Amelia’s mom is the owner and creator of Rumour Has It.  Kassi makes custom hats for newborns, kids, adults, you name it.  She does wonderful work and all of the creations in these images are hers, well except for the beautiful baby blanket Kassi’s mother crocheted for Amelia.  I guess crocheting runs in the family.  Kassi actually learned from her Grandmother Amelia, who sweet little Amelia is named after.  Grandma Amelia taught Kassi to crochet when she was a little girl visiting her grandparents farm.  During harvest time, the boys would go out on the tractors and Kassi would sit with her Grandma and get a lesson.  Kassi opened shop in Jan of 2011 and she really inspired me.  She is also a stay at home mom.  I remember when I first saw her work and it sparked something in me, I thought to myself, I want to use my talent to create something like that, make money and still stay at home with my kiddos, hmmmmm…..what can I do?  I know, I will be a photographer!  Crazy idea I know, but a year later here I am and enjoying myself like never before!  And thank you Kassi for your inspiration!  Check out her facebook page!/RumourHasIt2 and go “like” her page.

Enjoy Amelia, her big brother Holden, mommy Kassi and daddy sexy dimples, opps I mean Ken:)  Kassi tells me that Amelia is blessed with those same dimples (YAY!).


 All this after their very first “date” in 5th grade.  It didn’t work out way back then, but I am sure glad that they reconnected after college!