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Monthly Archives: February 2012

I came home last Thursday night to find Reed holding his 6 week old son, Vince while laughing hysterically with my husband Chris while he held onto our sleeping 3 year old, Makenna.  These two are BFFs, they met back in college, what seem like a million years ago.  But walking into their laughter took me right back to that place.  Tamara (Reed’s lovely wife) and I all went to college together.  Good times and it is always fun when we get to see them, which isn’t very often since we live in different states.  They have 3 very cute and kind boys.  Brady : 4, Max : 2, and Vince : 6 weeks.  It was sooo great catching up with these old friends and I was so excited when they asked a while ago if I would take their pictures while they were visiting.  They did great, but I must say that Maxwell has diffently been my toughest customer to date:  he is all sooo serious!  They are just the cutest family and Tamara did an excellent job picking out their outfits.  She was so organized just 6 weeks after giving birth (I know, I hate her for how good she looks too :)).  Love you guys!



I call this one : GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME NOW!!!!

Well, we barely made it, just getting pics done at 39 weeks!  I know, I know, I couldn’t believe that she possibly could deliver at any time, she is just sooooo dang cute!  The only thing cuter than her, is how much her hubby adores her.  Just look at the way he looks at her in these images…. that’s love.  Andrea and Josh went to the same school from grade school on.  Andrea always thought that Josh was cute, but nothing ever came of it….well, until she was an adult and living on the east coast.  One day she was wondering how that cute boy from junior high was… so she looked him up on facebook.  The rest is history!  They are married now and expecting a baby boy any day now!


Total goof ball!  Thanks for all of the laughs Josh!

Listen to this love story : Val comes to Billings, MT as a college foreign exchange student all the way from Germany.  Six weeks before she has to move back to Germany she meets Dustin.  They decide to “just be friends,” but that doesn’t work out so well.  And before you know it Val is back in Germany and 2 months later so is Dustin.  He lived there with Val for 2 months and then a year and a half later he purposes.  Val then moved back to Billings, they got married and now they have their first child, Mia!                                                  This white hat was Val’s hat when she was a baby.  So special. 


She was dating some else, he chased after her, she denied him.  “He was just sooo nice, I thought there was something wrong with him,” described Leslie.  So, she finally broke up with her boyfriend and she chased after him…. nothing.  Finally the two got together in 09 and have been together ever since!  They were engaged on Christmas.  Ryan asked Leslie’s Dad for her hand in marriage before Christmas and then got his permission to put a very special present under the tree.  It was a t-shirt that read “will you marry me?”.  Check out the link below to see what Leslie experienced that Christmas morning…. so sweet! 

Ryan & Leslie get engaged!

 Well, on a Saturday we hopped into Ryan’s truck and headed to Red Lodge for an afternoon of engagement fun!  And it was a F  to the U to the N day!  You know it is gonna be a good day when you hop out of the truck to check the wind and you look over and get this shot of your groom!  Through out the day we froze our tushies off in the cold wind, my boot got stuck in the snow and completely came off my foot, I almost fell flat on my back on the ice, and we maybe were spinning out on the ice for a couple minutes and Leslie & I maybe thought Ryan was gonna make us get out and push!  Good times = great photos!  A special thanks to Tracy Moore Thompson of Tracy Moore Photographers for her beautiful photos that inspired some of Leslie and Ryan’s photos.  She is a wonderful person and an awesome photographer and I always have clients that love her pictures so much, they bring them to our sessions to show me ideas they want to try.  Check her out at  Love her!





A very special thanks to Katie of Mac’s Floral for planning this shoot.  Every little detail was gorgeous.  And thank you to our beautiful couple,  Zach & Sara, yes just like the song, I was informed (minus the H of course) :).  I had sooooo much fun with all of you!


Venue – Yellowstone Art Museum

Flowers – Mac’s Floral

Cupcakes – a* cup cakes

Tableware & Linens – Party Time Plus

Stylists – Amanda Brown, Allison McLean, & Katie Bennet