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Monthly Archives: January 2012

I was able to take the Geck’s family portraits a few days after Christmas when Nicole and her boyfriend were home from college.  I have known the Gecks for years and years.  I met them through my bestie Gretta and her family(the Walters).  The Gecks and the Walters use to be neighbors and became very good friends, even after the Gecks moved off the street.  September 5th, 2011 was a bad day to say the least for all of us.  We received news that Galen(Spike as I like to call him), Gretta’s Dad was in a motorcycle accident.  He was in Wyoming at the time and was being flown to Denver.  That is all we knew.  Fast forward 5 months later…. January 27th, 2012(TODAY!!!!) Spike finally gets to come home after spending 5 months in Colorado and Washington in various hospitals and rehab centers.  His family is ecstatic to see him, this includes the Gecks.  You see, Spike will be coming home in a wheel chair.  We all pray for miracles, but for now he can’t walk.  And who do you think were the first people to jump into action and do anything and everything they could for the Walters, their great friends the Gecks.  Dan has spent countless hours, along with other old friends of Spike’s to remodel the Walter home so that it will be wheelchair accessible.  Dan has literally torn down walls in the Walter household and built them back up again.  And Chris and the rest of the family have been right there, whether it be helping with the remodel, donating money to Spike’s fundraiser for portraits with yours truly:)or sacrificing their time with one another to focus on the Walters.  I have always known that they were great people, but they have been down right amazing in this whole situation.  A few weeks ago when I last saw Dan I thanked him  for all that he was doing for Spike and the family, he just smiled and said, “Well, if it were me Galen would have done the same thing”.  Soooo true.  I love both those families and it is easy to see why.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Geck family for all that you have done!  And we celebrate today that our SPIKE is finally home!!!!



I met Bernie and Roy about 4 years ago when I was their personal trainer.  They are wonderful people with amazing personalities!  Roy is best described as the equivalent to a male “Chatty Kathy”, the guy loves to strike up a good conversation.  He is funny and so very nice.  I can see why Bernie agreed to marry him just a little over a year ago, Halloween of 2010 (they had a fun Halloween themed wedding where everyone wore costumes).  Bernadette….. how do you even describe this woman?!  She is first off soooo lovely and incredibly nice.  She would do anything for you.  She is quirky, fun, witty and so very hilarious.  She is just Bernie… and I love her as I know so many others do.  We have kept in touch here and there over the years.  After not talking to them in awhile, it is just like picking up right where we left off.  Bernie got a hold of me to do head shots for her.  She has a blog (, and she is going to be featured on SITS ( in early February (if you want a good laugh, check out her blog).  Bernie’s started her blog a little over a year ago.  She describes it as “A little of this and a little of that.  Just a place that I can ramble about whatever floats my boat. Mr. Bernie is quite a helper bee in keeping me supplied in blog posts”.  And she states that her mission for blogging is “To make people laugh and keep them entertained. Perhaps even spit something out their nose”.  See what I am talking about, that is Bernie in a nut shell!  She is a woman of many talents, she also makes these fun, witty cards.  Check out her etsy store : Budugalee Cards (  Oh and lastly, you might wonder why Bernie is holding a chicken purse in some of these pictures.  Well, Bernadette collects purses, not just any purses, but fabulous, creative, over the top (way over!) purses.  I have seen her collection and it is quite impressive.  This is what she has to say about them, “I collect and display purses. Not just any purses. They have to be weird or strange.  I’m always looking to give an ugly purse a home. When people buy a purse for me they base it on if they would carry it.  If they wouldn’t then they know I will love it”.  And it just happens to be her birthday today, Happy Birthday Bernie!!!!

Katie & Jason met 4 years ago at a 20’s something church ministry downtown.  They recently got engaged just before Christmas at Rocky Mountain College.  They are the cutest couple and I loved working with them.  They were so shy and adorable at the beginning of the session and then they really had a good time and so did I!  Jason was so awkwardly cute at first and then by the end he was going all Zoolander on me!  They did great and I ended up with so many beautiful images.  Katie is beautiful and  has the prettiest blue eyes and handsome Jason compliments her well:)  I can’t wait for their July wedding!




I just have to say that Lindsey is super mom.  Lindsey and Nic just celebrated Kaden’s 1st birthday on Dec. 21st, then they celebrated the birth of their second son Kody on Dec. 27th!!!!  Can you even believe it?!  Lindsey couldn’t either when she found out she was pregnant just 3 months after giving birth to Kade.  And now Kody is here and Kaden and Kody are going to be the best buddies growing up just 1 year apart.  They are just the cutest family, see for yourself.