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Monthly Archives: October 2011

This was my first wedding and it couldn’t have been a better experience.  Both families are made up of wonderful people and the ceremony was so beautiful and moving.  I totally cried, and I probably will at every wedding I do, and I love it!  So let me confuse you a little with this family.  Sara (the bride) has 3 sisters and a brother named David.  David (the groom) has a sister named Sarah.  Sarah the sister isn’t married yet and so now bride and sister-in-law have the same name!  Although the couple went to the same high school they met at their little sisters’ graduation party (they had a joint party).  So it was perfect, the sisters had been friends for years and you guessed it, the parents had been friends for years!  How cool to have your daughter/son, marry your friend’s child and how cool for the little sisters to have the one’s sister & the other’s brother marry each other.  Are you scratching your head yet?  They also chose to have their siblings stand on their side during the wedding, which I thought was really great. Thanks so much to the Mutch family and to the Kennedy family.  I had a great time photographing your wedding!  And thanks to Skyler (brother-in-law to the bride) for helping me photograph, you got some great shots too.


So after having my camera for 5 months, I finally took my kids out for their very own photo shoot.  My husband was unavailable and so my mother-in-law gladly jumped on board to help me out (I bribed her with free prints of her grand kids).  I knew that I wanted the pictures to be fall looking, but it was hard since last Friday night when we took these it was still 88 degrees outside.  The kids were champs though in their fall clothes and it wasn’t so bad once we got into the shade.  I was a little disappointed that I was unable to get all three kids in one shot with a smile on their face, but oh well, that is just the way it goes when you are the mom and the photographer:)  Their Grandma Daria did bring some candy along to keep them happy for most of the shoot.

A little about my kiddos: Ryder will be 5 in a month, and it the little athlete of the family.  He loves sports and is very competitive, but has the sweetest heart.  Kenna will be 3 in a month.  As you can tell she has red hair and her attitude matches her hair color: fiery!  She loves to dance and to copy whatever her big brother is doing these days.  She is also a great big sissy to her baby sissy.  Although a little dramatic at times, we love her all the same.  And Isley just turned 1 years old a week ago (still hard to believe).  Her demeanor is just so sweet and lovely.  She really never complains about anything and is a joy to be around.  She is easily entertained by her older brother and sister and I don’t think she would have it any other way.  Chris and I are very blessed with wonderful children that we love so much!

I hope you enjoy the pics and stay tuned, because I will be using their photos to promote my fall/holiday mini-sessions within the next few days.  Just get a hold of me if you are interested at all.  More info. to come very soon:)

Nolan was my very first newborn session.  He did great, only cried a little at the beginning of our session and then he was out.  He is the 3rd child of my friends Sarah and Kevin and baby brother to Bridger and Pippi.  Recently the family moved to Anaconda to be with Kevin, as he had to relocate for work.  I am sad to see them go, but happy that they are under the same roof again.  Sarah is an incredible mama, smart, beautiful, and absolutely amazing to be raising three children all under the age of 3.  Thanks for letting me photograph your latest addition.:)