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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Sorry ladies, this young man is spoken for.  My little Isley & Owen are only a little over a month apart and there is a real connection there (even if they don’t know it yet :)).  Owen is the son of Jacque and Byron.  Jacque and I have been friends since I can remember.  This is their first child, and man I hope they keep em coming because Owen is absolutely adorable!  Just look at those eyes.


Chel’s photo shoot was my very first out of town shoot.  Although we didn’t go too far (Red Lodge), it was still fun to shoot in a place I had never before.  Chelsea, her mom Michelle, and sister Katie picked me up and we made the 45 minute drive to Red Lodge.  It was the very first time meeting all of them and you would have thought the drive would have been awkward, but I had so much fun getting to know them.  The shoot was so fun too.  Chelsea has gorgeous eyes and beautiful hair and I think her photos turned out great.



Jill & Ryan are high school friends.  I have lots of good memories with these two and we have been trying to make new memories, but it’s not working so well with the busyness of life & kids.  Just like Jill, I married a Broncos fan., so we are going to get together and enjoy a game or two this season, (more like Ryan & Chris will watch, while Jill & I chase 5 kids around :)).  We had a lot of fun on this photo shoot.  The boys played very well together and they even enjoyed eating a little bit of dirt!  Such boys!!!!

Piper = ADORABLE!!!!  Piper showed up to our photo shoot in the cutest little aqua colored Converse shoes and a smile that could melt your heart.  I asked her who dressed her so cute and of course the answer was “Mommy.”  Becky is a friend of a friend and I run into her and her husband Drew every once in awhile around town.  I think Becky and Drew need to get started on another, they make the cutest kids!:)


Paxton is a boy’s boy.  He loves, loves, loves dirt, semis, trucks, cars and bugs!  My kids love Paxton like a little brother.  We have been helping out his Mom & Dad by watching him a couple days a week ever since he was a little baby.  He just turned 2 a few weeks ago.  If you ask him on any given day where his Dad is he, will say “Work.”  And if you ask him where his Mama is, he will say “Bears!”  And that is the truth!  His Mom works at Zoo Montana with the bears.  On a few occasions she has showed up to the house to pick up Paxton just a few minutes later than normal and her explanation will be something like, “Sorry I’m late, we had to give the bears shots today.”  Now who can honestly give such an outlandish excuse for tardiness!!!!  Only Krystal!